Ecstasy Supply

It has always been important to me to make a bridge between what I feel and what surrounds me. This was really difficult at times, especially with authority (family, teachers, tradition, religion – in one word -the system), and all the distortion and culpability that it created around me.

When I met Osho – formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh – it was the confirmation of all my feelings and it worked like a cathalyser for my inner growth.

Of all of his work what I like the most is his talks. It is incredible how, for instance, he starts by commentating an old sutra or answering an ordinary question and ends up flying away through apparently antagonist realities – past & present, science & religion, this world and the other and it was delightful to see the bridges that he created, the hidden harmony, everything in favor of our personal ecstasy – it is cosmic!

Without wanting to seem too self-indulgent, I feel that there is something of that in my music, art and life because I start with some elements , creating links between them, as if they were having a conversation, talking through me, and I never know where they are going to take me in that ecstasy.

The following statements reflect the way in which I approach my music and life

  • To be miserable takes a lot of effort; to be in ecstasy doesn’t take any.
  • If you don’t enjoy, stop.
  • I want you to be a king in a kingdom of kings.
  • When you meditate and know your body you no longer believe in God.
  • It’s reserved for you a place in existence, a place of ecstasy, you only have to drop the fears
  • Life is more of a mystery to be lived than an enigma to be solved.

… of course, these are statements for people who respect themselves and others.

The books below have touched me in a very special way

Tantra: The Supreme Understanding” – it’s my life’s book because it transmits in a clear and concise way the metaphysical experience of the fusion with whole – Mahamudra.

Mystical Theology” – A commentary about St. Dionísio’s writings a Catholic Bishop at the beginning of Christianity. He had two faces, one of Bishop and another more “underground” which went very much beyond Cristian theology, as can be understood in is works, especially the ones about the concepts of ‘Beyond Being’; ‘Agnosia’; and, ‘Translucid Darkness’. During my life I felt several times like St. Dionísio.

Krishna – The Man and his Philosophy” – gave me a wonderful vision of freedom and joy very much beyond Hindu tradition.When I read this book I fell a sensation of wholeness and bliss that lasts and lasts.

Other controversial aspects of Osho Rajneesh I don’t care about.

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